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Helping Hands for a Great Meal
Helping Hands for a Great Meal

Quick Cook® isn't the only way to have a savory pasta meal in a limited amount of time. A great way to cut down on your own personal preparation is by asking for a little help.

Meals are always more fun when everyone pitches in. For one thing, it dials down the stress level when there are helpers to lend a hand.

So pass out the aprons and dole out the assignments. There are plenty of jobs to go around.

Those with steady hands can cut up the fruits, veggies, cheeses and bread. Pass Dad a wooden spoon and put him in charge of sauce detail. Grandma will be happy to set the table. Delegate drink orders. It's one less thing for you to worry about. There are tasks even for the littlest ones. Count on the kids to call everyone to the table.

Don't be shy about enlisting the assistance of your guests. The most memorable meals are communal events where everyone gets involved!