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4 Healthy Cooking Tips
4 Healthy Cooking Tips
by Yuki Shoji

Here's the bottom line. There are plenty of people who are eager to begin living a healthier lifestyle, yet they don't. They are under the misconception that they have to throw themselves into it completely, by either an all or nothing approach.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. There's nothing wrong with taking baby steps and working your way up to a completely healthy lifestyle. If this sounds like a better option for you, then continue reading and learn about the following tips for starting out on the road to healthy living. It all begins with your diet.

Healthy Cooking Tip #1 Eat lean meat
You should begin by eating less red meat, and for those times when you do eat it, you should eat the leanest type of red meat possible. Pork is a great lean meat you can use to replace red meat in your diet if you so choose. But the best meats to eat are fish and chicken. These should be the most common sources of protein in your diet.

Healthy Cooking Tip #2 Eat more vegetables
I know, I know, you probably find vegetables to be very boring, as well as lacking in taste. However, they don't have to be this way. There are healthy ways of preparing vegetables that leave them tasting good also. You can sprinkle herbs on them or you can sautee them in a little chicken broth.

Healthy Cooking Tip #3 Eat more fruits
If you have trouble finding fruit appealing, you may want to consider adding it to your dinner plate, either sliced or whole. Chances are that if it's on your plate you will eat it, but whatever the case, make sure vegetables are finding a way into your diet everyday.

Healthy Cooking Tip #4 Splurge occasionally
While it is important to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important also to realize that your purpose in life is to enjoy yourself. Thus, if you have a favorite unhealthy food you like to eat, such as pizza or Buffalo wings, then every two weeks make them one of your meals and allow yourself to splurge without feeling guilty.

You don't want to feel dull because the most likely result is that you'll give up on living a healthy lifestyle. Making the change to live a healthier lifestyle is not something that has to occur overnight. In fact, attempting to try and completely overhaul your diet at a moments notice can leave you feeling frustrated after a few days and more likely to give up and go back to the way you were living.

You don't want this to happen. In order to give yourself better odds, just focus on the small changes mentioned above, and once you get used to them, then you can expand a little further. If you do this, then you'll begin to see significant changes in the way you look and feel everyday, great rewards to receive in exchange for a little self discipline.

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