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Salads...Before, After or On The Side with Pasta?

Salads...Before, After or On The Side with Pasta?

Everyone agrees that salads are part of a nutrient-rich diet. They’re high in vitamins and fiber and low in calories. But not everyone agrees on the best time to enjoy one. Is it before or after your entree? Or on the side?

Americans traditionally kick their meals off with a salad. For calorie counters, a first-course of mixed greens produces a feeling of fullness. Filling up early helps with portion control for the remaining courses.

In many parts of Europe, salad is served with the meal. In most parts of Italy and France, salad is served after the main meal. Why? Some believe the roughage aids in digestion. Others consider salads a great palate cleanser, making it the perfect prelude to dessert.

Before, during or after, it’s up to you. Any way, pasta and salad make a healthy combination.