Ronzoni® FAQs

Q: Is the serving size cooked or uncooked for the nutritional information?
A: All of our nutritional information is based on an uncooked measurement since some pastas will double or even triple in volume.

Q: What is the Glycemic index for your pastas?
A: The Glycemic index for pasta is around 50 and is considered a low GI food.

Q: How much potassium is in spaghetti?
A: There is about 127mg of potassium per 2 oz serving of regular pasta.

Q: What is the difference between portion and the nutrition label? One says 2 ounces and the other has 4 ounces.
A: Serving size is regulated and governed by the FDA through the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act which may differ from individual consumption patterns. We include the larger portion size on the back of the package as a guide for cooking which is more representative of a main dish portion.

Q: How come you do not offer nutrition information for your recipes?
A: We appreciate your interest in our company. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not provide nutrition information for our pasta recipes (as consumers may choose variations of common ingredients which may alter the nutritional info).

Q: How many strands of spaghetti are there in the 1lb pkg?
A: We counted an average of 68 strands per 2 oz serving. **You will need to multiply this amount per servings in a package for the entire amount.

Q: Are your products Kosher?
A: All of our pasta products are Kosher.