Ronzoni® FAQs

Q: Are your pastas refined?
A: Yes, all of our pastas are refined. Note: Refined means free of impurities.

Q: Is the fiber in your pasta soluble or insoluble?
A: Soluble fiber is found in significant amounts in virtually all fruits and vegetables. Insoluble fiber is found mainly in whole wheat products, bran, and fibrous vegetables like carrots.

Q: Do our products contain yeast?
A: No, our pastas do not contain yeast.

Q: What does Whole Wheat Blend mean?
A: Our whole wheat blend pasta is a mixture of two types of wheat flour: Durum whole wheat, which contains all the parts of the wheat (the bran, germ and the endosperm), and semolina, which contains only the endosperm of the wheat - the bran and germ have been removed. Ronzoni® Healthy Harvest® is a unique blend of durum whole wheat flour, durum wheat semolina and wheat fiber. This blend is designed to maintain the great taste and texture of Healthy Harvest while providing the maximum amount of whole wheat benefits possible.

Q: Is the powder (spinach, tomato or carrot) used in your pastas natural or chemical?
A: The powder we use is from vegetables.

Q: Do you or the farmers use pesticides?
A: Many independent farmers grow the durum wheat used to make pasta. Their wheat is graded and sold through a system of local grain elevators where it is mixed with wheat of similar grades from other farmers in the area. The wheat is then sold and moves to the mills that supply pasta manufacturers. To protect the wheat in the fields from insects, the farmers do use a number of pesticides that are approved for use on wheat by the Environmental Protection Agency. The farmers must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the amounts used. We regularly monitor the flour we buy to ensure that it meets FDA requirements, ensuring that our pasta products are safe and wholesome.

Q: Does New World Pasta use GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in the pasta?
A: GMOs are not currently available in durum wheat, our major raw material. Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor developments in this area to ensure that the quality and safety of our products remains above reproach.

Q: Is the wheat used treated with pesticides?
A: We buy conventionally grown wheat on the open market. We do not currently buy any organic wheat. It is likely that at least some of the wheat we purchase was grown with pesticide use. All of our wheat meets government standards for pesticide residues.

Q: Do you mill your own wheat or do you buy it?
A: We buy it milled already. We have contracts with millers who in most cases are located right beside our plant. They feed the flour directly to our plants.